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17 10, 2017

October Special Sale on Scan Abutments & Ti Bases

11 10, 2017

New Implant Components Available!

2 05, 2017

Swiss Turn Technology


Swiss-Turn technology will allow Solidex® abutments be duplicated to exact measurement. The 2nd abutment [...]

4 08, 2016

Join us at Lab Day East!

September 17, 2016 – September 17, 2016

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Thinking about [...]

19 11, 2015

Are You Purchasing Illegal Abutments?

CAD/CAM customized abutments are classified as Medical Devices Level 2 by the FDA. In order to mill CAD/CAM customized abutments, the facility must have 510(k) clearance from the FDA or it is ILLEGAL (with the exception of authorized milling centers using all systems and materials from Sirona).
14 10, 2015

Various Factors Affect Quality of CAD/CAM Custom Abutments

The evolution of automated technologies used in dental prosthetics now allows even the smallest of dental laboratories to manufacture CAD/CAM restorations that were once only feasible from major milling centers or corporations.
22 09, 2015

Thinking of Becoming a Milling Center?

With so many milling machines and scanners hitting the market, laboratory owners may be tempted to get into the game. We at CreoDent would like to share our experience that machine salesmen or distributors likely will not tell you.
16 06, 2015

Law Seminar: Ready for a labor audit?

Dental Laboratories are very difficult labor management environments. With simple steps and proper documentation, the majority of issues that come up can be avoided.
4 11, 2014

Try Our NEW Gold Anodized Abutments

Creodent is proud to offer our new gold anodized Solidex abutments. These abutments go through a special process that changes the color from dark gray to gold. This in turn makes the abutment less reflective, resulting in a more lifelike restoration.
6 02, 2014

Benefits of Using and 510k Cleared Titanium Customized AbutmentS

When it comes to 510(k) cleared titanium customized abutments, there is a bit of a fog of war. We at Creodent want to clear to the air so that Dental practitioners are better informed.