Stable Scan Stage™ Method

     Because we all know using model fixture and scan clay is troublesome.

What ?

We have totally redesigned our system from the conventional method. Normally a scanner would require model fixture or scan clay to hold models

Why ?

Mounting models to such fixture and clay is not onlytedious and messy, but it is also time consuming.

How ?

DOF Freedom’s Stable Scan Stage (SSS) Method enables camera & light module to rotate around center of the scanning stage,
making your models stable while being scanned.

Premium Performance

     Achieving both quality and efficiency is our goal.



High-end 3D digitizing technology that is used in industrial sector is embedded in Freedom.

Each and every calibration plate goes through
special manufacturing process
to realize
~10 um repeating accuracy.



Not only you benefit from the quick scanning process,
but your working time is saved even more
by avoiding mounting models to fixtures.

To give you an idea, your expected time to scan
14 unit bridge will only be under 6 minutes.


Articulator Compatibility

Freedom will read articulator occlusion relationship
directly from your existing articulators.


Virtual Articulation

     Virtual Articulation also can be utilized.


Virtual Articulation also can be utilized,
supporting Artex, KaVo, SAM, and Adesso bases.

Transfer Plates

     Mount your existing major splits on to Transfer Plates




You can mount your existing major splits on to Transfer Plates
and transfer physical coordinates to CAD software.
Supports Artex, KaVo, SAM, and Adesso splits.



Artex, KaVo, SAM and Adesso are trademarks of respective companies.

Accuracy and Reliability

     Digitize your models with a trusted system.



is one of the most important aspects of dental 3D scanners.
You want to make sure that your scanner give the most accurate and
reliable datas as possible, helping you create a perfect restoration.






Each and every unit of Freedom goes through a strict accuracy check using a testing artifact made and measured at Deutscher Kalibrierdienst, a renowned measurement laboratory in Germany.







From simple to complex cases, rely on Freedom for your quality digital works.

Impression Scanning

     Another great feature built right into the system, without extra cost.


Freedom is perfect for scanning gypsum models,

but it is also optimized for silicone and alginate impressions.
Our innovative HSS algorithm enables you to capture areas
that are difficult to scan and outputs a final positive model.

Freedom Scanning Workflow

     An intelligent scanning software that does not required much intelligence to use.

Freedom is designed to make scanning experience as easy as possible,
even for a CAD/CAM novice. An intuitive, wizard based scanning workflow
will minimize the learning curve for dental technicians.



Calibration is done with a single click.


When capturing missing & incomplete data you can define a specific area and the software will automatically set the best exposure level for you.



Aligning (matching) datas with Freedom Scanning Workflow minimizes user input and increases your work efficiency!



Your work efficiency in increased when Multi-Die Plate is used to scan complex models with many dies.