Project Description

Solidex® Customized Abutments

At Creodent Milling Center, we understand how important it is to provide the highest quality to your doctors. Failing to do so could not only jeopardize our reputation, but the integrity of your lab. Our FDA 510(K) cleared Solidex customized abutments will provide you with peace of mind knowing your restoration cases are in good hands.


  • FDA 510(K) Cleared
  • Superior Quality
  • Comparable Pricing
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Made In America


  • Titanium
  • Zirconia/Titanium Hybrid


Doctors can now get all inclusive custom abutments for the price of shaped and finished stock abutments.

The advantages of using customized abutments in restoring a single tooth or a multi-unit implant supported bridges are many:

  • Customized abutments are well suited for any clinical implant case
  • Individual adaptation to the sulcus shape is excellent
  • Sub gingival margins are significantly easier to fabricate with custom abutments
  • Ideal gingival tissue care management/ Promotes gingival health
  • Creates natural emergence profile
  • With sub gingival margins , there is no need to worry about metal structures being visible
  • Integration of the abutment to the dental arch is idealistic and natural to the arch and teeth alignment/ Creating Parallelism in complex, multi-unit cases
  • Superior fit of copings to the abutment
  • Increased crown retention
  • Have an anatomical shape

Winner of IDT Reader’s Choice ’15!


Solidex Customized Abutment Warranty