Swiss-Turn technology will allow Solidex® abutments be duplicated to exact measurement. The 2nd abutment can be prescribed at the same time or in later date. The duplicated abutment is very useful if the practitioner wants to place it during the healing process, and use the other to fabricate the crown at CreoDent. This shorten the turnaround time significantly.
This will significantly boost our accuracy rate, therefore reducing the difference to less than 8 micron (0.008mm) level. This system will also, shorten the turnaround time by having a simultaneous workflow to mill Zirconia crown/PMMA Temp and Solidex® custom abutment at the same time.
Solidex® abutments are custom designed for implant based, cement retained restorations. Our Solidex® production lines are compatible to most major implant systems in the U.S. Since, Solidex® abutments are custom designed, they will have optimal results in function and esthetics first time and every time.

In regards to our quality, our Solidex® abutments are FDA 510k cleared, and CreoDent is a registered facility with FDA. All registered facilities are inspected for quality control system implementation. CreoDent adheres similar to ISO 9000 rules and regulations to produce CAD/CAM Custom abutments, which are classified by the FDA as medical device class II. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Solidex® abutments have different options to choose among biocompatible materials to produce optimal results for any case. The abutments are produced in titanium, gold anodized titanium and 4 shades of Zirconia. The Zirconia hybrid abutments have a titanium base to integrate with the implant system. All Solidex® abutments will come with 2 screws. One working and one final for best finishing results.
Benefits of Swiss Turn Milling:
• Eliminates rescanning o Solidex® abutments to design the Zirconia crowns (Simultaneous Workflow).
• Eliminates use of titanium dioxide spray in rescanning Solidex® Abutment.
• Horizontal milling process will eliminate spruce cutting and hand finishing.
• CreoDent will increase accuracy rate to 8 micron difference in milling the Solidex® abutments.
• Simultaneous workflow with our clients using file system.
• Swiss Turn CNC Machine can create accurate and consistent retention grooves within the Solidex® abutments.
• Faster turnaround time.
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