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Doug Frye

We have found that trying out different milling centers is time consuming and with mixed results. I can promise that the success we have had with Creodent Milling Center has been nothing but excellent. The finished abutments and customer service stands alone in our industry.


Doug Frye C.D.T.
President, Functional Esthetics Dental Lab Inc.
Farmington, Mo.


David B. Polmer

Our company has been using Creo Milling Center for approximately 3 years. We currently use Creo MC for all of our CAD/CAM implant abutments and zirconium restorations. We are 200% satisfied not only with the quality of their products but also with their customer service. I didn’t think that customer service still existed on this level. If a small issue were to arise, which was seldom. it’s actually a pleasure to call and speak to them knowing my problem will be solved in a customer service orientated manner. After 32 years in business I believe a company is only as good as their customer service. Creo MC has helped my dental laboratory become more profitable in our implant department since we started our business relationship. In fact, we have increased our implant business a large percentage utilizing CAD/CAM abutments. Their fees are also very competitive. I would highly recommend them to any dental lab.

David B. Polmer
Owner, Perfection Dental Studio
Scotch Plains, N.J.