Project Description

CAD/CAM Milled Bars

Creodent Milling Center’s CAD Milled Titanium Bars are fabricated using robotic and full automation machining centers for excellent precision and efficiency. Our removable implant solutions provide you with reliable restorations that utilize the latest technology for a reasonable and consistent price. We offer a wide range of designs that can fit any one of your needs.  All of our CAD/CAM Milled Bars are designed under strict guidelines by our master technicians to provide you with unparalleled quality.

Types of Bars



  • Hybrid wrap-around design providing high strength and a machine surface for acrylic retention
  • Abutment cylinders are highly polished
  • Can be scaled larger in the posterior

Post Bar

  • Hybrid wrap-around design with tooth/acrylic reinforced posts placed per tooth
  • Machined surface
  • Highly polished cylinders

Hybrid Bar

  • Hybrid wrap-around design with tooth/acrylic reinforced posts placed per tooth
  • Machined surface
  • Highly polished cylinders


Hader Bar

  • Overdenture milled bar with a precise hader form
  • Matched to gingival contour and highly polished

Attachment Bar

  • Tapered attachment bar for up to 4 implants.
    Additional $50 per extra implant.

Tapered Attachment Bar

  • Tapered attachedment bar eith a highly polished surface matched to gingival contour Buccal lingual walls at 0,2,4 or 6 degree taper
  • Threaded for GPS or Ball Attachments