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Project Description

Creo Milling Burs

Creo Milling Center offers both TiSin coated and Diamond-Coated Dental Milling Burs that work for Roland, Origin andimes-icore milling machines.

Diamond-Coated Endmills

Creo Milling Center offers two new Diamond-Coated Dental Milling Burs that work for Roland, Origin and imes-icore. Each tool is engineered for precise performance, maximum durability and long life. The burs are available in two sizes (.5mm and 1mm). The design enables the user to produce up to 10 times the number of units that can be milled with a standard carbide bur. Because they are fully compatible with Roland’s existing carbide tools, users can switch to the new tools without any changes in the CAM software.

TiSin Coated Endmills

A new concept END MILL designed and processed to provide extended wear and high strength in high-speed machining applications of hard materials up to HRc70 such as Titanium, Stainless Steel & Cobalt Chrome.

Together, titanium and silicon (TiSi) make an outstanding team for nitride hard material coatings. Silicon guarantees excellent resistance to oxidation while the presence of titanium ensures particularly hard coatings. When combined, the two elements are wear resistant even at very high temperatures.

TiSiN-coated tools are extremely wear-resistant and permit high machining speeds. Machining operations without the use of coolants also pose no problem. Even tough materials such as nickel-based alloys and titanium-based materials are easy to machine using titanium-silicon nitride-coated tools.

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