Project Description

Medit Identica T300

Quality and Affordability

What’s new in T300?

Identica T300 to meet all of your needs. With powerful scan engine and affordable pricing, the new Identica T300 is a perfect fit for both performance enthusiasts and entry level users. Its evolutionary design and high tech features will help your lab rediscover productivity. Bundled colLab 2017 scan software makes scan data processing easy and efficient.

Advanced data processing and higher resolution cameras

Identica T300 dramatically improves the most important aspects of scanner performance. The latest software technology provides you with the cleanest and sharpest data. T300 is specially designed to bring out the finest data quality using its 2.0 MP cameras.  T300 will save your precious time and money by minimizing trial & error to adjust restoration fits.

Accuracy of the scanner is where it all starts in CAD/CAM

Identica T300 measures and documents accuracy for using ISO 12836 standards. ISO 12836 specifies test methods for the assessment of the accuracy of digitizing devices for CAD/CAM system for indirect dental restorations.

Quality & affordability

Identica T300 is an upgrade version of Identica Blue, provided at lowest pricing. Giving better value for the affordable scanner users. Identica T300 has enhanced data quality compared to Identica Blue.