Project Description

Medit Identica T500

Speed and accuracy

Speed up scanning – Stay top-of-the-line

Identica T500 offers a fast scan engine and highly efficient software algorithm. With the high-speed camera and projector, you can scan a full arch in just 12 seconds and eight dies within 19 seconds. Using state-of-the-art blue light scanning technology, Identica T500 is able to capture the highest quality scans with accuracy within.

Speed up your workflow by scanning full arch or partials with dies simultaneously. You can complete your work with reduced scanning steps.

Advanced data processing and higher resolution cameras

Identica T500 dramatically improves the most important aspects of scanner performance. The latest software technology provides you with the cleanest and sharpest data. It introduces an advanced new camera system with dual 2.0 MP resolution  offering the best performance and scan data quality ever in Identica scanners.

Next generation impression scanning

Automatic impression scanning – 3 axis arm + auto double-sided impression

The 3-axis impression arm of Identica T500 will automatically scan both side of an impression, allowing you to take an auto double-sided impression scan in one step.

Double sided impression and plaster stump

This feature makes it easy to overcome the difficulty of checking the margin of preparation teeth on the impression. Medit combines data from your stone die with data from the impression scan to provide you with the crisp, accurate margins your work demands.

Full arch tray

You may not make restorations using double-sided impressions because of accuracy concerns. To achieve higher accuracy you may want to use a full arch metal tray impression for maxillary and mandible, and use traditional bite material to align them.

Scanning implant position from an impression

Using an implant analog type scanbody, the system can get the patient’s oral model and implant position without making the plaster model from the implant impression.

Evolved convenience of hardware & software for productivity

Most versatile virtual articulators integration